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Vancouver, BC Canada


As a speaker, Ted Topping offers real-life, actionable advice. His keynotes and interactive presentations are motivational, inspirational and entertaining, and they provide significant lasting take-away value.

Ted’s message resonates especially well with retail, hospitality, tourism and service companies, all of which need to deliver on the all-important details that create a memorable customer experience and sustained success.

Excerpts from “Engagement Based on Customer Experience”

Your unwavering commitment to quality is evident in both the content of your presentation and your passionate, insightful and interactive delivery method.

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Keynote and Interactive Presentations

The typical role of Ted’s keynotes and interactive presentations (typically 45 to 90 minutes) is to stimulate thinking, evoke reaction and inspire participants to adopt a positive “can do” attitude… while at the same time delivering solid, up-to-date content. Entertaining as well as informative, these formats work well for conferences, conventions, trade shows and larger corporate events.

Engagement Based on Customer Experience
Understanding the high level at which a consumer-facing business must operate

This fast-paced interactive presentation can also be a practical, action-oriented conference keynote. It is just as appropriate for people who have been in business a number of years as it is for those just starting out. This session touches on five areas common to every consumer-facing business including attractions, entertainment, hospitality, restaurants, retail, tourism and travel: Strategy and Numbers • The Physical Space • Selling and Service • Team Building and Productivity • Reaching a Position of Leadership.

Service and Customer Experience: Inspired by Disney
A specialty topic, in three versatile formats

Building on our Benchmarking the Disney Guest Experience study tour, this topic lets companies benchmark and learn from the brand that has successfully delivered the world’s most enduring theme park experiences for six decades. It works equally well as a conference keynote, an interactive presentation or a hands-on workshop. High-energy live sessions include real-life stories that will first help companies improve the service and experience they offer, and then deliver it consistently. Depending on the audience, we can emphasize either business strategy and marketing or service delivery and frontline operations.

Other popular topics:

Practical Ways to Add Value Instead of Lowering Your Price

Avoid the race to the bottom and acquire the customers who count

Selling is Service & Service is Selling

The crucial mentality that “closing” is a natural outcome, not an artificial tactic

All in the Details: Now is the Time to Sweat the Small Stuff

Stand on “the other side of the counter” to build all-important repeat business

Customer Experience: The Underused Competitive Advantage

Brand is a feeling, one you must reinforce through service and experience

Practical Yet Powerful Leadership Insights

Includes the “why” behind each insight, perfect for people “on the way up”

Interactive Workshops

Understanding the crucial difference between knowing something and actually being able to do something, Ted Topping often leads interactive workshops (typically 90 minutes to three hours) for smaller groups. These let participants delve deeper into a topic and find ways to “Put It to Work” in practice.

Starting from a core presentation and interweaving several small-group exercises, this format works well for conference breakout sessions and corporate events that may include managers, staff or both.

Now… let’s discuss the ways that you can make use of this practical, action-oriented experience to enhance the success of your business.